Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Church-yards and scrap-yards of broken dreams

Wind is filling in as promised. Just have to hope it'll hold out into the evening for the race.

By way of explanation for the titles of a couple of preceding entries from yesterday, they are lines from a song I wrote on another train journey north many years ago. Then I had only a pen and paper to while away the miles. This time around, I had the camera on my phone to play with. How we ever managed without such gizmos immediately to hand I'll never know.

The song was called "Sometimes", and that link leads to a recording of it; we were young, unrefined, a little out of tune and still very much undamaged by life. Not a bad place to be, and I'm still fond of the song and memories that go with it.

No gigs for the rest of the month now, but four booked for August after I get back from Fowey at the end of the month. Not one to wish away my life, but can't wait for Fowey.

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