Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The waiting

Done now.

All plans have gone awry. How brutal and swift life can change. Things you knew were fragile but in your heart always thought were eternal are swept from your grasp before your uncomprehending eyes.

It has been a hard night. The picture is my view of the room I spent most of it in. I never forget the moment of a photo. Hope was still briefly alive for a short while in this room, and I don't want to lose that.

Though at the moment it was taken, hope had already fled. I just hadn't discovered that yet. Unbeknownst, the messenger of its demise was just walking through the door.

The world changed tonight. Or, at least, ours did.

A barely adolescent poem, read some time after it's writing, at my Gran's funeral many years ago:

Loves lost
Loves found
Loves gained without a sound
Loved dying
Friendships gone
Love me tender
'cross distance long

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