Monday, 12 May 2014


Sixpence's hawthorn has erupted with blossom over the last few days. Haven't seen him sat in it since the tree first came into leaf, but do regularly see him through the day foraging for worms on the grass in front of the Mill.

I presume this is because he has the demands of feeding a young family to meet.

Good for him.

Sailing was a blast yesterday. Both races saw me make appalling starts, and I mean appalling; of the kind of quality not seen from me in years.

Survived both though, and managed not to fall out of the boat during the penalty turns that followed, though did get dizzy. Didn't actually hit anyone, at least I don't think I did, but did end up being fended off from the committee boat by a bemused Race Committee in the second race. Not one of my more glorious moments!

The starts were reflected in our results, to which I'll never again make further reference.

The sailing was brilliant though, and despite the odds, we didn't tip in. Though plenty of others did.

[edit: fixed typo that originally read "Sailing was a boat yesterday", blasted predictive text on my mobile chipping in to help!]

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