Friday, 1 September 2017

Calstar: train tickets booked

The Holms Race is next Saturday. We're all signed up, entrance fee paid. Can't wait.

I've got a gig the Friday night, so bringing the boat up to Portishead the evening before, which would have bene the conventional way of doing things, is a no go. I did suggest to Dad that I could head straight to the boat from the gig, sail up on the 0300 tide, anchor off Portishead until the start of the race.

He vetoed the idea. Explained that the thought of sailing three tides straight, essentially 18 hours out on the Bristol Channel (albeit not all of that underway) didn't appeal to him in the slightest. Apparently fine if we were using it to actually go somewhere, but not fine to "do that to a 71 year old, just to go racing".

So we're moving Calstar up to Portishead tomorrow and leaving her there for the week.

Causes a bit of inconvenience with cars though, so to get there and back without losing one Cardiff for a week or two, or using two cars and driving back and forth from Cardiff and Portishead to successfully retrieve both, a number of trains, busses and about an hour  and a half of walking are involved. The up shot being that to be certain we can lock out of the Barrage by 1330 and ride the afternoon flood up to Portishead (HW 1727), I need to be at Dad's house for 0600 tomorrow morning.

Perhaps the two car juggle was the better option. Too late now, I've bought the train tickets.

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