Friday, 14 July 2017

Calstar: the ugly ducklings

I'm not a particular fan of swans. Thuggish creatures. They look pretty enough, but they'll mug you as soon as look at you. I do prefer them to geese. Geese are like a hoard of small dogs without an accompanying hoard of small dog owners following them about to pick up the mess they make. Oily, slippery mess that you slip on when you're trying to pull a dinghy out of the water or stains your sails if your not careful when you're trying to roll them away.

Really not a fan of geese.

Dad likes Swans though. He's watched these particular birds hatch and grow through the year. Seven hatched, seven still steam over to the boat to squabble over the breadcrumbs Dad chucks overboard for them. Apparently, sweetcorn is better for them; he looked this up on Google earlier this year. But as Dad then discovered, sweetcorn sinks, so is, overall, better for feeding fishes.

To be fair, these guys seem friendlier than your typical swan, less inclined towards hissing and lunging and trying to mug you for your bacon sandwich. They've been living in the sanctuary of the marina all year, so I guess they've gotten pretty used to boat people.

I'm not a particular fan of swans, but I've grown quite fond of these particular youngsters and their proud parents myself. Though don't tell Dad, he'll think I've gone soft.

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