Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Not enough money in the world

Strong language warning in the quote ahead, so if you're offended by four letter expletives, please don't read on.

Anyway, with that out of the way, if you're still here, the following an extract from an interview I just read on The Guardian with one of my all time favourite musicians:

"Some guy said to me last night at a cocktail party: ‘I book things for private parties. How much money would it take to put the band together for three songs? No one would ever know about it.’ I said: ‘There’s not enough money in the world.’ And he said: ‘Thank you – I’m a huge fan, and I wanted to know you couldn’t be bought.’ And I thought, that’s cool, and that’s manipulative, and fuck you. As much as we love each other and love what we did, it just shouldn’t happen.”"

Other than to say that subject of the interview was on his own favourites amongst the songs that his band wrote, which struck me as such a wonderfully self-indulgent subject, I'll leave the quote unattributed. Just wanted to observe that the man's thought process always leaves me smiling to myself. Sometimes it's a pretty bleak smile, but it's always a smile.

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