Saturday, 17 February 2018

Calstar: denuded

Finally got the break we'd been waiting for in the weather. Planned a last weekend's romping about the Bristol Channel: Saturday lunchtime out of Cardiff, round Steepholm, up to Portishead for the night then back to Cardiff tomorrow. Even had plans to meet friends sailing down from Lydney to Portishead this evening.

We get to the boat early. Everything set and planned.

To discover the rigger has decided to steal a lead on lifting her out for transport at the end of the month and have already derigged her sails and removed her boom and sprayhood.

Jobs I hadn't realised we'd asked him to do; I thought I was going to have to do them myself next weekend.

Plans for this weekend now totally shot. A little bit gutted, truth be told.

Nevermind. Guess I'll have to race Buffy again at Frampton tomorrow instead.

Was so looking forward to sailing Calstar this weekend though.

20/02 Footnote: Posted the above last Saturday, but for some reason it failed to publish. In short, I'm fine at taking pictures using a mobile phone, but apparently no so good posting to a blog from one! It turns out that, far from seeking to steal a lead (and that story struck me as odd, because almost nobody that works on small boats for a living ever does anything on time intentionally, let alone delivers anything ahead of time) the rigger read his diary wrong, thought the boat was coming out and the mast coming down first thing THIS Monday, panicked that he'd forgotten to derig everything in preparation and so squeezed the job in before the end of the week so as to not let us down.

You've got to laugh.

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