Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Recap: Cornwall, gig, Sunday rain, birthday girl

It's 18:11hrs on a Wednesday evening, and I'm just about to head out to a gig. Looking forward to it. Also looking forward to voting tomorrow. Fed up of elections, glad to get this one out of the way. However, many things about the lead up to this one however have made me smile.

Ironically, at times, but smile nonetheless.

A recap of the last week or two, ever so brief, in pictures.

Went away to Cornwall for a long weekend with Nik. Had a fantastic time. Very little sailing, as I'd promised the weekend would be all about her. Did have a couple of hours racing a friend's British Moth around the harbour.

Most appalling start, still managed to beat my way back up to second place. Entirely down to the boat. That boat should probably be illegal. But she was gorgeous. Her name was Dakota. A good name for a boat, I reckon.

When I point a camera at you and say smile, you should probably take that as a chance to smile. A sarcastic smile is still a smile, but reaps its own reward in kind. Two of my favourite things in one of my favourite places:

Home from Cornwall, the following weekend we had a wedding gig. Jason and Kerry got married in a place called Kingscote Barn in nearby Tetbury. Not the first time we've played there, but the first time we've played there in the summer, interestingly enough.

Jason and Kerry threw a fantastic party. They made a lovely couple, wish them every joy and luck for a long, happy future together.

They also had an amazing bunch of family and friends to celebrate the day with them. Like I said, a fantastic party.

Got home late Saturday night. Went to bed, got up about three and a half hours later to head over to Cardiff with Dad to go sailing. Headed out towards Flat Holm. Fantastic sailing at first, then as the tide bottomed the wind died completely and the rain came down.

Spent a good forty-five minutes drifting beneath sheets of vertical rain before the wind filled back in with the flood and we sailed back to Cardiff. At least it washed the salt off the new sails. Interestingly, even in those rubbish conditions, I found myself sitting in the cockpit of the boat in my foul weather gear, drinking a cup of tea as the rain ricocheted from my hat, thinking to myself there was still no place at that precise time that I'd rather have been.

I expect I'll grow out of it. Eventually.

Closer to home, we had a birthday this week. My girl Lilly was 6 years old yesterday.

I'm kidding myself if I say I've no idea where the time has gone. More and more aware of it sliding away these days. Makes what time we have all the more precious I guess.

Have a lovely evening, whoever and wherever you are. I'm off to Bristol now, got a gig to be getting on with!

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