Friday, 23 June 2017

Comment: replublicanism

I could, in principle, be a devout republican, except, as Gabby Hinsliff so neatly puts it in an article on the Guardian's website today:

"Hell, why not go the whole hog and come out for an elected president instead of a monarchy? Let the cursed burden fall to someone who actively wants it – although, as ever, the glaring flaw in this argument is imagining the sort of person who might want it. (President Blair? President Richard Branson? God help us, President Farage?)"


Not sure what the answer is. Democracy is a fine concept, but surely the obvious conclusion to that is to devolve leadership to committee. And that's really not so fine a concept.

Never mind. A gig tonight, then a whole weekend of sailing yachts and dinghies ahead. Temperature's crashed back from the low 30's to it's seasonal norm, which is a pity as I was enjoying the warmth, but at least the winds have returned.

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