Saturday, 13 May 2017

Calstar: choices, choices

Ten minutes away from the boat, and I still haven't decided of we're going up channel to Portishead or down to Watchet today.

Wind is F4 from the SW, blowing up to a 5 and backing south later. Watchet is the more interesting sail, but although a windward shore, will mean waiting out the tide at anchor for a few hours before we can get in.

I don't know how comfortable that will be in the conditions. It's not a trip I've done often enough to be familiar with.

Portishead? Well, that's a well-known, well trod passage. Kind of the back-up plan in my back pocket.

Photo was laast night's gig, setting up before soundcheck. New drummer, short notice substitution; the man did good.

Haven't had much sleep.

Good to have a weekend of sailing ahead though, wherever we decide to go.

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