Friday, 21 April 2017

Calstar: a new suit

The much longed for new sails have finally arrived this morning. That's 104 days from order to delivery, and 32 days overdue from the originally promised delivery date. Next time I'm going to make a significant pain in the ass of myself from much earlier in the day. And there will be a next time quite soon, as I want a cruising chute once funds have sufficiently recovered.

Whether I'll get it from the same folks given the delays and amount of chasing I've needed to do, I'm not sure. If I miss a deadline personally, I expect to tell my customer, and to tell them before the deadline is missed. Not leave the customer to chase me after the fact.

Anyway. I'm instructing at Frampton all day tomorrow so can't get to Cardiff now until Sunday.

I honestly can't wait. And if everything fits, I expect all will be forgiven.


Anonymous said...

Sails look great though Bill! new sails are the best thing you can do for any boat I reckon.

Re the speed of arrival, well missing deadlines is just par for the course in the marine business...!!

tatali0n said...

Thanks Huw. It only occurred to me after I'd got home on Sunday that this was the first time ever I'd put brand new sails on a boat. Having done it, now I'd have to agree that you're absolutely right!

Will be happier once I've got the fit of the headsail sorted out. Confident that we can do something about that will shackles and perhaps an adjustment to the Furlex height, but will be much more at ease once I know it's been done and all's good.

Have you moved Karisma down to Milford Haven yet?