Monday, 11 January 2016

The Man Who Sold the World

A Bowie cover, recorded this evening: The Man Who Sold the World. The song's been in my head all day. It is one of my favourites, though I wonder if it would be sacrilege to confess I actually prefer Nirvana's MTV Unplugged version to Bowie's original?

Though I'd maintain that to compliment Cobain does nothing to detract from the genius of Bowie. My version is not a touch on either, but it is meant honestly so I'll need to be content with that.

Tried loading Vegas Movie Studio to tidy up the edges of the recording, but it crashed my PC and I've spent most of this evening just getting the thing to boot up once again. So apologies for the ragged, untrimmed camera-work at the end of the clip.

Bear also apologises for the interruption at the end. He spends most of his time sleeping these days; I think he woke up, wondered where the rest of us had gone, couldn't work out what the noise was coming from the living room, and so figured he'd wander in to check we were all okay.

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