Saturday, 10 October 2020

the best-laid schemes of mice and men


I was planning to sail for Fowey in the morning. However, I didn't even make it home from work and shall instead be shopping for a new car first thing tomorrow. Meanwhile does anybody want to buy a second-hand, much (over)loved Volvo V70? Turbo charger is dead, she's not fit to drive, will need to be towed away by the buyer.

The half hour commute home this evening turned into a four and a half hour drag. On the bright side, I finally stowed the casualty safe in front of my house in time to jog down to the local shop seconds before they closed and buy myself some beer with which to gently soothe the anguish of the evening.

I managed the entire trot down to the bottom of my road without having to pause once. So clearly my health is improving now normal physical activity (except the still much missed 2 to 4 hours live performance per week) is resumed.

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