Monday, 12 October 2020

Calstar: staying local

Sunday morning was bright, a brief shower first thing, then blue skies and a brisk off-shore wind that started relatively light, more so whilst we were still within the shelter of the harbour, it has to be said, and then built to a gusty F5 by lunchtime. 

Blowing out over the land it was shifty and unpredictable, but the sea state within the shelter of the Sound was very flat.

We took Ben and Hannah out for a couple of hours; across the Sound to Cawsands with Hannah and Ben sharing the helm, out through the Western Entrance, along the outside of the Breakwater, then back in through the east side. A couple of tacks along a beat into what was now a stiff F5 on the nose, and then we put the sails away and motored back in.

A lovely morning's sailing, followed by an uneventful drive home.

That will be the last time we get down to the boat until sometime into the latter half of November I expect. It's not all bad though. Chance and pandemics permitting, Dad and I fly out to Greece on Saturday 24th, meet a friend in Corfu and spend a couple of days on a yacht he's been chartering for the last few weeks. 

Then another friend from the sailing club joins us and we deliver said yacht, in company with a few others similar vessels, back to its winter berth in Athens via the Corinthian Canal.

I've got no idea if the weather out in Greece is warm enough late October to top up my suntan. But it's got to be warmer that it'll be over here by then at the very least. 

That said, I did bring my waterproofs back from the boat, and I shall be taking them out there with me.

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