Thursday, 30 July 2020

Laser: squiggles

I had a lovely evening's sailing yesterday after work. The above track, which I think covers the first hour of the couple of hours were out on the water, made me chuckle this morning.

It is, fortunately, not a track of a race, and each of those little loops is not a penalty turn, although the thought that it could've been was what first made me smirk. Instead of joining in the racing, I spent the evening coaching a friend in her Topper. 

The experience of the boats' respective helms aside, the Topper is, of course, a much slower boat than my Laser, so each of those little loops was me circling to keep pace with Sue's boat. I guess, given that I do have the occasional indiscretion on the race course myself, aside from the pleasure of an evening spent coaching a friend, the little bit of penalty turn practice the evening gave me will have done me no harm myself.

Winds were light, sun was warm, and the worst of the weed had been broken up by the rough weather of the previous few days so hardly bothered us at all. A perfect Wednesday evening out on the water, drawing squiggles with the GPS.

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