Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Freefall: the empty stage

The empty stage, awaiting the band a few minutes before we go on; it was our final gig of the year last Friday. It was another good one.

We are now stopped for Christmas, the guitarist and drummer both have young families and will spend it with them. Not very rock and roll, but truth be told, I'm quite happy for the break too. I shall spend it with my own family, except for an hour or two on Boxing Day and New Year's Day respectively, when I shall spend it racing the Laser on the lake at Frampton.

I was listening to Frank Turner in the car this morning. I've shared his music here before. My daughter introduced me to his work, and I've been quite hooked ever since. I'd quite like to include a song of his in the band's set one day. He is the kind of artist that leaves me with regret that I don't write my own anymore, and wondering if I still could.

Perhaps sometime I might try. Meanwhile, I thought I'd share another one of his.

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