Monday, 11 November 2019

Snapshots of a weekend

Friday 8th: Nik finished work late, so I cooked supper. Found a bottle of red wine in the kitchen that had, somehow, escaped my attention since last Christmas. They don't tend to survive more than twenty-four hours in this house.

Saturday 9th: Canvassing in Gloucester in the pouring rain and howling winds. There is a reason winter elections are not common. Given how I often spend my spare time, you can imagine I'm not a stranger to being cold and wet. I can't say I've never been as cold and as wet as we got on Saturday, but I can say not often, and not for a while. Saturday night, by contrast, was a warm affair. A lively, fun gig at the White Swan in Downend, Bristol.

Sunday 10th: Was, of course, spent racing. Albacores at South Cerney. More than twenty boats out on the water, various classes. I've decided this is the way to go for next year, so am now looking for an Albacore of my own. Amanda has joined South Cerney with me, so I have my regular crew once we get a boat. It's not going to be a wooden one.

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