Tuesday, 15 October 2019


I upgraded my mobile last week. Previously had a Samsung S8 Plus, now have a Samsung S10 Plus. There are a few interesting and convenient differences, but the new model is mostly an iterative improvement on the old rather than a revolution in design or technology.

Which is fine, because I was quite fond of the old.

The most marked difference is the camera. Not so much the picture quality, which to my amateur eye is no better or worse than the previous offering, which in itself was more than satisfactory. But the latest has a wide angle option. Which I have to admit I'm quite enjoying playing with.

The photos here were a couple of snaps taken from the weekend, Saturday down in Plymouth with Dad and Calstar and Sunday back at Frampton; we got back from Plymouth in time for me to get to the lake and take the Laser out for the second of the two afternoon races.

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