Friday, 22 February 2019

Calstar: the vestige of a plan

The plan. Finish work at 1630, head home, pack an overnight bag (that I should've packed last night) and head down to Plymouth with Dad to the boat. Supper somewhere in Plymouth Friday night. Would be cheaper to eat on the boat, but I bet we don't. We almost never do unless it's just me and Nik, which is very unusual. Dad doesn't like making a mess in the cabin, and is of the opinion that any sort of cooking will make a mess.

Not that I ever need an excuse to eat out.

Forecast for Saturday and Sunday looks relatively benign with the wind dropping off and backing into the east as the weekend progresses. Wave heights of 2m+ seem a bit excessive, but not threatening.

The boat hasn't been off her berth since she went back in the water in December, and has been home to a succession of tradesmen working to Dad's order, so there will be lots of odd jobs to do to get her set up to sail again. So a shakedown cruise is most certainly order of the day. Would like to sail to Fowey, weather suggests it's quite feasible, but we'd be leaving before dawn and motoring back on the Sunday.

Alternative is to stay local. Perhaps head out in the direction of Eddystone then back in the afternoon. My current thinking is in favour of staying overnight in the Yealm Saturday night. Dad may yet veto me on that. Shore-power, iPads, techno-dependent OAP's, the comforts of a walk-ashore pontoon berth and marina facilities. You don't get any of that on the Yealm.

I'm going to take a guitar with me though, just in case.

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