Thursday, 21 June 2018

Laser: 2000 degrees

No, that's not the temperature of the projected heat wave about to hit us this weekend. It's the sum total of penalty turns I had to take with the Laser in last night's race. I'm counting an extra 90 degrees collected from righting a capsize so that wasn't really a penalty, but I reckon I earned the extra points.

Ironically, the capsize occurred as I was completing the tack of a 360 incurred for hitting the windward mark with my boom.

So, two 720's, a 360 and a capsize recovery.

In short, last night I sailed like a lemon.

Actually, I've just checked, and 720+720+360+90 = 1890, so for some reason I can't even add up properly any more. So clearly I also count like a lemon.

I wasn't the last Laser in the fleet, but I was quite soundly beaten by both Mouthy Mark, Pete and Rhonwen. I'm quite shocked at my performance, though to be fair, it's about time they put me in my place. And I figure I've crowed loud enough whenever I've beaten them, so in the interests of fairness this needed to be made mention of.

9th place overall, out of a fleet of 19 boats. Frustration aside, it was a very pleasant evening to be out on the water. The lake is beginning to badly clog up with weed. That's not an excuse however, as it clogs up for everyone equally.

The photo at the head of this post is from a gig last Sunday, of a very talented man playing an especially nice guitar. Figured it apt, lacking as I currently do any photos of talented Laser sailors, however nice the Laser might be that they sail. Evidently, I wouldn't know what such talent looked like.

Busy days ahead. Taking some friends sailing on the lake tomorrow evening, teaching juniors to sail at the lake Saturday, gig Saturday night, back racing at the lake Sunday afternoon, then another gig Sunday night. Somewhere in all that I've got to find some time to cut the grass and do a water change for the fish tanks.

It all keeps me out of trouble, at least.

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