Saturday, 2 June 2018

Calstar: Garmin Quatix

Sat aboard Calstar having sailed back to Plymouth from Fowey this morning, holiday almost over, home tomorrow, looking forward to seeing Sam, the dogs and my fish.

Reading Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwall, second in his Autherian Warlord Chronicles. Arthur and the principle character Derfel are stood on Dun Ceinach looking out over the Severn Valley.

Didn't realise it on my first read through some few years ago, but Dun Ceinach is actually Haresfield Beacon, a prominatory on the east side of the Severn Valley that overlooks my home, and is one of my favourite places in the world.

I enjoy reading of it as it would have been seen through the eyes of a Dark Ages warlord. Different, but still very, very familiar.

I have a decision to make. I lost my Garmin Quatix in Falmouth earlier in the week. Gutted, truth be told. Carelessness on my part, pretty sure it was lifted when I turned my back on it for a moment in the marina shower-block.

Such is life.

Question is, do I replace it. The latest model is the Quatix 5, and looks to be everything the original did plus more and better.

It also retails at around £480 new.

It's not exactly an essential piece of kit, but ever so ever so useful. Moreso since my Sony Xperia tablet failed once again  (won't charge, pretty sure it's past end of life)

And although I could of course afford it, I had other plans for that money. Not to mention it's almost the price of a shiny  new Mk II Laser sail.....

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