Sunday, 22 April 2018

Weekend accomplished

Friday night's gig cancelled a few weeks ago, so after work I came home via Nik's shop and saw Friday evening out with a bottle of wine in front of Netflix.

Saturday morning I half made up for that indulgence with an hour of karate, by the end of which, whilst sparring, I found myself crippled by the most horrific stitch in my side; I can only assume all this rich living is catching up with me. But it was otherwise good.

After that, I headed down the lake, joined in with the Level 2's (RYA beginners sailing course) who I haven't seen since their first day, and found myself exceptionally impressed by how much they have obviously improved. Bit of a downer with Buffy's centerboard case, but as previously mentioned, she owes me nothing.

Saturday night's gig in Hereford was great.

This morning I begged, pleaded and emotionally blackmailed my wife into giving me a long overdue haircut (I have a bit of a social phobia with regards to barbers, first world problems and all that) then headed back to the lake to crew for Geoff over a couple of afternoon races in his Enterprise, "Ghost". His regular crew, whom I've always viewed as both exceptionally talented (on the odd occasion she's crewed for me, my boat has always sailed flatter and gone faster) and pretty much indestructible (I've yet to see conditions so rough she still won't gleefully launch and race) has sadly pulled a muscle. Whilst collating the results for last week's race, apparently.

The wind was a F4 gusting 5 from the south, the lake crowded with friends. We sailed a couple of great races; fantastic, hard hiking weather. I ache, and have various bruises, scrapes and sundry abrasions. The front seat of an Enterprise is never a comfortable place to be.

It feels good.

Nik's out for the night with her best friend. I'm cooking "spag bol" for me and the youngest (it's not really spaghetti bolognese; the sauce is out of a jar, I'm cooking it in a wok and have sliced a red chilli into it) and I have a couple of bottles of Cornish ale to wash it down with.

Had some sad news about an old school friend at the beginning of this week. Life can be a bitch at times and I grieve for his family and his loss.

But this moment, right now, is good. And he was the sort of guy who would've appreciated that.

In the words of Capt. Jack Sparrow: Take what you can, give nothing back.

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