Saturday, 7 April 2018


What she said: Can we go to Cabot Circus? Would it be okay if Lisa came with us?

What she should've said: I want to spend my birthday shopping with my best friend Lisa. Could you give us a lift to Cabot Circus and then come pick us up again when we're finished?

There is so much else I could've done today. Instead I've spent the day wandering aimless and alone around the streets of Bristol. They ditched me, not unreasonably, about five hours ago outside Dorothy Perkins. A day mismanaged and miscomunicated. I should've gone sailing. The gallantry of trying to spend some time with your wife on her birthday is clearly overstated.

I'm ranting on here because she'll never read it. I'm sat on a stone seat in the middle of a Bristol shopping mall, and in a minute I'm going to call Nik and say it's time to go home. It's her birthday, so I'm going to smile and pretend I've had a lovely time too.

Could've been worse. Could've been sat on a stone horse in a Bristol park with a seagull on my head.

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