Thursday, 1 October 2015

Excuses, excuses

It's more than a week since Dad and I got back from our four day trip out with Calstar, yet I still have the typical few hundred snaps to sort through to work out if any are worth keeping, and haven't yet found the time to do so. Which is why I've not posted any up here, or made any other mention of the trip.

The delay has been part sloth, part commitments elsewhere and part recovering from a bug that, with inimical timing manifested itself half way over to Cardiff on the Friday by way of a fever and progressed from there. Just a cold, and an unholy alliance of paracetamol and alcohol kept the worst of the symptoms at bay for the four days away. It made for an uncomfortable and wearing week at work following our return however.

I shall, in due course, probably relate the adventures of the weekend in full, but meanwhile in summary . . . .

. . . . it was a great "long" weekend: a pleasant sail down to Cardiff on the Friday; a dawn drift (and necessary motor-sail) over to Watchet the following day; a long, drifting sail back to Cardiff on the Sunday where we took the "scenic route" and didn't attempt to beat the tide; and finally a fast, blustery reach under head-sail alone back to Portishead on the Monday.

A friend of mine from Colorado is currently over here for a few weeks touring Scotland, which means the weather makes no sense as I'm sure Scotland has a contractual obligation to rain persistently on all visitors. In lieu of any photos of my own to share, I thought I'd share, with permission, one of his, taken yesterday I believe.

photo: tyson nunemacher

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