Monday, 6 July 2015

The other consequence ....

.... of posting entries by email is that if they all stack up until I get a signal to my phone, they apparently don't always send in sequence. 

Obviously, half-time occurred sequentially before "And so, to bed". But not according to the order the images were posted to this journal.

Sailing was great on Sunday. We didn't sail very well, late on the start-line for both races, but we only hit one other boat (gently, and my fault, albeit at the time I thought it was his) and we finished as many races as we started.

But it was great just to be out on the lake with Hels aboard "Buffy", just charging around the cans for the sake of it. We haven't sailed enough races to qualify in either the championship or any of the club series, so any race we do compete in, such as the two yesterday, is merely an end in itself.

Watching the forecast now for next Saturday, to decide if Dad and I race Calstar in the Portishead Quays Festival. It's the only chance to sail I'll get this weekend coming, as I've got a gig Sunday afternoon. The afternoon will not be totally bereft of a nautical theme however, as the gig will be aboard a boat.

An open boat. Well, to all intents and purposes. So all the more reason for keeping a close eye on the developing forecast for the weekend.

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