Saturday, 4 July 2015


Nik is an amazing cook. The "kabab meat stir-fry" was a once in thirty years aberration. And if that sounds like I've judged this evening's meal, you've misread me.

Just finished watching The Pillars of the Earth on Amazon Instant Video. I loved the book, though didn't manage to get into any other Ken Follett book I ever got my hands on. I think that says more of me than the author. But Cathedrals, Medieval England, home and history, what was not to love. And I reckon the series did full justice to the book. I quite loved it.

Currently reading Patrick O'Brian's "The Commodore" and won't say much about it for fear of spoiling it for anybody. But what I will say of the journey so far: I've grown very used to O'Brian's style which I disliked at first, or it has grown used to me. Or, as I suspect, we've met in the middle. But the enduring charm is in his characters.

I'm ridiculously invested in Mataurin and Aubrey (perhaps I should reflect back on my previously mentioned loyalty to friends; the pathology seems also to extend to the fictional) but even the minor or latterly introduced characters come with their barbed hooks ready to sink into your affections.

Back to real life, we now have a thunder storm outside. Which I love, and most of the dogs ignore, which is an unusual blessing. The heat of the last few days has been glorious. I suspect there are some Englishmen that might be tempted to lynch me for that sentiment, but I'd venture that's their loss.

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