Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Three more nights... my own bed. Then we head off to Cornwall for the week. Can't wait.

Dad is bringing the lugger, although realistically it's hard to see how much sailing we'll get done as we're not on the waterfront this year and will have to trail and sail. Okay, it's only 15 minutes from the front door of the cottage to the public slip at Fowey, so not much of a trail. But to get there  we'd have to slip by the women, dogs and children, so it's an escape that will need to be planned with both tact and precision.

Even so, still can't wait.

The forecast is suggesting the weather is going to take a more seasonal turn next week. Pitty, as the sunshine has looked gorgeous through my office window all this week.

Even so, don't really care. Still can't wait.

Three more nights and we're Cornwall-bound!

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