Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lead a horse to water......

not THAT kind of horse!
In the end, spent most of Saturday on the water on a Laser. Doesn't seem to matter how much you sail, a different class of boat from the usual is always new bruises and new aches and pains after! Was fun though.

Just as well that I got my fix Saturday however. Sunday was varnishing instead of racing. Trouble is, what was intended as the final coat is looking most unsatisfactory now it's dry. Will have to put another coat on the foredeck Thursday evening.

But one thing is damn certain. We ARE going to race this Sunday.

Replacing the knackered old traveller track with a dynema horse, so got to teach myself how to splice dynema yesterday evening. We shall have to see if my efforts come good under load on Sunday.
So, only thing left to sort now is a bit of wind to race in please!

Think I'm going to have to reduce the size of those terminating loops. They don't need to be that big and smaller loops will mean less chafing. A job for after karate tonight, I guess.

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