Friday, 9 September 2011

The Best Laid Plans of [ship's] Mice & Men

Whilst still gusty, the promised big wind didn't hold out for Wednesday. With the disincentive of that, on top of a building fever, aches and pains and a sore throat [classic "manflu" I suspect] saw me bottle it and stay at home.

The manflu has built through the week, with a cough developing. The forecast for Saturday is lessened, but still significant, and with the much reduced levels in the lake has led to the fleet captain cancelling the British Moth Open. On the one hand I'm gutted, but on the other I'm quietly relieved, as that only leaves me tomorrow night's gig to worry about in isolation.

My voice is a real concern, as it's getting more and more ragged from the ravages of my throat and chest. But at least it's only one gig this weekend and nothing else to worry about now. Lightweight compared to the usual workload. I reckon I've got the one gig in me. Felt like death when I woke up this morning, but now I've downed a cup of tea, pint or so of water and a truck load of paracetamol and strepsils I'm almost feeling human.

Next weekend I'm away to Fowey with Dad for a Drascombe Ralley. Manflu be damned, I'm really looking forward to that. Hopefully the weather will lighten up a little and not spoil things. At the minute, a ten day forecast [about as reliable as a horoscope, to be fair!] is suggesting Force 4, which could be entertaining.

We're going to berth Ondine on the pontoon at Mixtow Pill with the rest of the Drascombe fleet, and stay at The Old Ferry Inn at Bodnick. The rough plan is a day sail to Polkeris on Saturday, and then Lantic Bay for Sunday, weather permitting. Whilst I'm more than happy I can handle the boat in the conditions, I've got no idea whether or not a northerly F4 is good or bad for what we've got in mind, but then therein lies the advantage of being part of a rally. There will be plenty of good advice on hand.

Can't wait.

Fowey & surrounding area
Fowey Harbour
Mixtow Pill & the pontoon
Bodnick and the view towards the sea

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