Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Laser: dunked and recovered


I found the clip around the photo in the previous post was too amusing not to actually post up here for posterity. The sun was bright on Saturday, but the water was definitely a bit chilly.

I'm really very happy with the new GoPro. Given that most of my photos are, these days, taken on my phone simply because it's always in my pocket, I suspect that will continue. But the GoPro has a 20mb sensor, and it's pretty simple to extract stills from any interesting clips. I'm going to have fun with it, I think.

After Saturday's playing around, I had a great morning's racing on Sunday. The Albacore's jib halyard is currently broken and the forecast was blustery, so I put the radial on the Laser and took that out. 

When I first got to the lake in the morning it was still pretty quite; it felt a bit silly rigging the smaller sail and I found myself wishing I'd brought the larger standard sail with me. But it picked up as we were about to launch, just as forecast, and I soon found myself grateful I'd deprived myself of the choice and left the bigger sail at home.

I am definitely not in shape. I was also overdressed; having got quite chilled the day before I put some extra layers on, including a waterproof and a thermal spray top over my wetsuit, but whilst I therefore kept quite warm, moving with all that bulk was exhausting.

And the Laser really does demand you keep moving.

Pleased with the results however. A 6th place in the first race, which I guess is respectable enough, and a 2nd place in the second one. I actually had a much worse start in the second race, but got lucky when there was a bit of a pileup at the leeward mark amongst the leading boats in the second half, which let me close the gap and slip through.

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