Monday, 8 October 2018


The view from our office this morning. The hill is valiantly fighting to offset the gloom of leaden skies.

Love this time of year even as I regret the passing of another summer.

Had a great weekend's sailing on the lake. Saturday was spent racing a friend's Enterprise with her in some very blustery conditions. Sunday was spent first racing a Gull and then back in my Laser.

Very close to taking 3rd in that last race, but got beaten to it by a girl (who is a much, much better sailor than me anyway, so not undeserved)

Her husband (a good friend and superb sailor himself) who had been racing against me in an Enterprise the day before and then again that morning with his son in a Gull, was kind enough to point out once we'd come ashore that losing to Sarah in that last race meant that I'd been beaten by three members of his family that weekend.

My 4th place was enough to win me the series however, so I can live with that.

The weekend before last was spent away with Dad and Calstar. Still haven't sorted through the photos of that weekend, but it was a great little trip so shall post them up here once I have. 

Calstar comes out of the water this week for some overdue tlc, so that was probably our last trip of the year with her.

A bit of statistical trivia. My new watch tells me I've sailed 21.3 nautical miles on the lake this weekend, in 6 hours and 27 minutes. Obviously sailing the Gulls really hammered my average pace!

I've also run with the dogs just shy of 8 statute miles over the last week. Which isn't much, except I make no pretence at being a runner.

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