Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Politics: lessons forgot

Whilst reflecting on the ongoing debacle of the Labour Party and antisemitism over my morning coffee, and lamenting the ever continuing chaos and idiocy of the saga that is our nation's impending exit from the European Union, this survivor's story of the Warsaw ghetto I came across on the Guardian's website this morning made for a moving read.

I won't risk nailing my own colours to the mast on the state of current political affairs, I don't want to add yet more fuel to any fire nor risk any inadvertently mislabelling myself as any kind of racist, antisemitic or otherwise. I'm not, and the idea is abhorrent to me. But I do fear that many of the accusations of antisemitism and racism are being bandied about so freely at the moment are being shamelessly used to advance another agenda.

Perhaps that's already too many nails in the mast?

For context I should admit to having a great deal of admiration for Corbyn. I've twice now enthusiastically voted for him as leader of the party I support, and look forward to eventually voting for him in the next general election.

But enough of that, I fear I've already strayed to far. Although the stain of politics in these post-referendum days seems colour all aspects of life, I try not to let the it seep too much into the writings on this site, or for that matter anything else I write. I should really stick to posting photos of boats, dogs and bands.

Anyway, it was this that caught me in the article I read, and that motivated this post:

"If disaster comes, you will find that all the myths you once cherished are of no use to you . . . .  And after it’s all over, you will watch as, slowly but surely, these harshest of lessons are forgotten as the witnesses pass on and new myths take their place." - StanisÅ‚aw Aronson, Tel Aviv

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