Friday, 1 December 2017

Freefall: mid-week gigs & weekend plans

The Horseshoe, about twenty minutes before the band went on earlier this week. Was a good night. Always a treat to have professionals providing the lights and PA. Means it's really easy to pack up afterwards. Just unplug and carry your amp to the car. I was home by midnight!

Still had a very hard job getting up for work the following morning. Old age is catching up with me. Mid week gigs ain't so easy with the late nights any more.

But we soldier on.

Busy weekend ahead.

Smart togs and best behaviour tonight, as we're playing a cricket club's annual ball. Will hopefully have time for karate tomorrow morning then Saturday evening we're playing in a lovely little pub just down the road from the sailing club; expecting lots of friends and family at that one so it should be most excellent.

Sunday I'm heading down to the boat. Dad and I are planning to sail up to Portishead on the Sunday afternoon tide and then back again Monday morning. Weather currently looks great and I have Monday booked off work.

Unfortunately, Nikki doesn't, so it's just me and Dad. But she's working all day Sunday as well, so she'll hardly have time to miss me.

In other news, it's my little girl's birthday today. I have the gig of course, so won't see her until tomorrow, but she's coming to tomorrow night's gig. I won't sing her Happy Birthday, but I might just sing her a version of Don McLean's American Pie when she inevitably asks for it. There is possibly nobody else in the world the band will let me do that for. And her brother Ben is coming home from Bristol for it as well, so we'll have all the kids around the house for the weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing them, but glad I have plenty of excuse to be out of the house. I miss them, but I've gotten used to the peace and quiet and lack of inevitable disruption and find I quite enjoy it. Of course, their littlest brother Sam still lives at home, but he's unobtrusive to the point that he's a pleasure to have around.

My little girl is 29 today. That should probably make me feel old, but it hasn't caught up with me yet. Don't see that it ever will.

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