Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Funny old thing

My elbow, that is.

Two weeks of consciously resting it (ie. skiving off karate) and if
anything the pain was getting worse. Last night decided to give up on
that idea, doped myself up on ibupofen and paracetamol, strapped the
elbow in a neoprene brace and went back.

Made an appointment with the docs for Friday, mainly just to spite Hels.
I don't imagine there's much the doc can do; aside from physical breaks
they can splint, bloody tears they can stitch, or cancer everything else
in medicine seems to be to be an educated guess.

I'm being unfair.

Anyway. Didn't even flip a coin. Not flipping so many coins at the
moment. I seem to have broken that system by over analysing it.

Did take it easy. Avoided press-ups, and tried very had not to over
extend the arm. Felt great after, but figured that was probably the
drugs, and fully expected to suffer in the morning.

It's the strangest thing, but the arm still feels great this morning.
Slight twinge if I fully straighten, but only if I really concentrate on
feeling it. Best it's felt in an age. It's probably got nothing to do
with karate, and everything to do with the fact that I've finally booked
a doctor's appointment to have it looked at.

Enjoying it so much, I'm presently living in terror (well, relatively
so; forgive the amdram overstatement) of jaring it and bringing all the
hurt back. Guess it's a bit like the car breaking down, or a fixing
pulling away on the boat. Once the confidence goes, takes a while to
forget enough for it to seep back.

The image at the head of the post is of the breakwater outside
Portishead Quays Marina. Took the picture on my phone, it got backed up
to Google, and I played with the editting options they give you up
there. The main thing was adding a HDR effect, which did dramatic things
with the clouds.

I wonder when a photo has had so much manipulation that it ceases to
qualify as a photo?

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