Friday, 24 February 2012

Windy Plymouth

As feared, sailing was blown out last Saturday by a badly, badly timed cold front blasting through the Sound in the  afternoon. We did get to play with a big MCA coded offshore RIB though, so something new and at least I got on the water.

Started off with being called over to rescue a hapless  jetski. The guy was having trouble with the engine, the thing was shipping water and he was getting blown into the big boats moored against the outer breakwater of the nearby marina.


Fished him out and dropped him and the ski back at Mountbatten slip. Turns out it was his first time out on the ski. Interesting choice of weather conditions!

Live and learn I guess.

We then spent an hour practising slow maneuvers as the weather blew through and then took  the RIB out for a high speed, wave skipping blast around the Sound.

Very good fun.


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