Friday, 10 February 2012


And there it is, my lake, frozen and still, not a chance of that thawing out in time for Sunday.

Briefly toyed with the idea of trying to tempt Dad out onto the estuary with Ondine, but high tide is around 10:44am so it would be an early start and the forecast is suggesting cold and next to no wind, so I'm guessing that idea is out the window. Would have been different with an afternoon tide, but there you go.

So Plan B is to settle for a walk around the lake again. Only going to take the puppy, Lilly, this time however. She's at an age where, combined with the weight of our other dog (her mum, Jazz) they're big enough to pull me over. Add to that the fact that Lilly hasn't yet worked out that not every other dog approaching wants to play or be greeted by an over-enthusiastic adolescent German Shepherd, all the barking, pulling and lunging that then ensues unsettles Jazz and, to be frank, must be terribly intimidating for the strangers walking towards us.

So the end result is that I'm going to have to walk them seperately for the forseeable, until Lilly settles down and learns her place.

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