Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Time Ticks By [like a bomb waiting?]

June 2008? Now it's September 2010.

Loads of sailing. Still have the Moth. The varnish lifted again after the work over the winter of 2008 but got a friend to do a proper job of it and it's been fine ever since. Missed the British Moth Nationals in 2009 due to work, competed this year though, and came 12th. Should have done much better, but there you go. Then went away for a week down in Mylor with the family.

Lots of playing with boats, had a great time despite the best efforts of the weather and a tummy bug. Could have done with two weeks instead of one, but to be fair, feels like I've been on holiday for most of August so can't complain.

Supposed to be sailing up the Severn with Dad in his Wanderer and a motley collection of other boats from Frampton on Saturday. Unfortunately, broke my foot last night sparring at karate, so jury is currently out as to whether I'll actually be able to sail.

Probably not. In which case my son will sail with his Grandad and I'll blag a ride in the rescue boat to follow them up. Big plastic bag and lots of gaffa tape should keep the plaster dry!

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