Tuesday, 14 September 2010

One Down!

In just under three hours it'll be exactly one week since I broke my foot. The doc said it'll be six weeks on the mend, so I'm taking that as one week down, five to go. We're making progress!

Actually, have sorted out the coffee logisitics issue by buying a travel mug [more of a flask, but close enough], and scavenging a clip thing that I can hang around my neck [the sort that people hang id badges on], leaving my hands free as I carry it back to my desk across the office. Works really well, spill proof by design.

You do have to vent it though, before pouring, to allow for the expansion caused by the heat. Failure to do so results in hot coffee (or in the case of this morning, hot tea) exploding all over you, your desk, your paperwork and your dignity. Lesson learned!

Have also solved the transport problem. Found an automatic. Better still, it's got a tow hook fitted. It'll do until the foot's better, at which point I'll sell it on and recoupe what I can of the costs. Will involve some loss, but worth it for the restoration of independence I think.

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