Thursday, 19 November 2020

Geneva: Prelude

 I've realised that if I wait until I have enough time to write up everything, the moment will have been long past. And I don't want to lose it. So forgive me if the next few posts are pictures and tracks only.

I've been home now almost as long as I was away sailing in Greece. And though I love being here, and am a consummate master of loving wherever I find myself at any given moment, I still miss it.

The purpose of the trip was to move a fleet of boats from Corfu to Athens, where they'd be pulled out for the winter. My mate Mark had chartered the boat we'd be moving for most of October though, so when he suggested we came out a few days early to join him, we jumped at the chance.

I don't think Dad had swum in the sea without a drysuit since about 1990. He certainly hadn't flown since then. Getting him back in the water was easier than getting him through the airport security, to be fair.

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