Friday, 1 May 2020

Mrs Robinson

A Simon and Garfunkel cover, usually the second song of our second set. Has been for a long time now; funny how things find a natural place. Or you get stuck in a rut. Not sure which applies. Don't know that it matters. I would, right now, happily go back to either.

The first song is Mr Brightside, a version of which I previously posted up here. It's one of the few songs our guitarist Matt uses a capo for (a device you clamp across the fingerboard of a guitar to change the key). Because he's fussy, and because an electric guitar is a quite a sensitive thing, it means he has to re-tune when he puts the capo on, easy because Mr Brightside is the first song of the second set, and then again when he takes the capo back off.

Which plays havoc with the continuity. Especially as Mr Brightside guarantees people will be up and dancing. So traditionally, Mr Brightside ends to frantic stage-whispers from Matt to me of "Stall them, tuning, stall them!" and me subsequently taking the Mickey out of him with the audience for getting all fussy and OCD about something like tuning.

Me, I practice liberated music. Free of all constraints, like time and tuning and such like.

I stole that line from Fred Wedlock. I've no doubt he in turn stole it from somebody else. It never gets old. Or perhaps it does. But again, I don't know that it matters. I would, right now, happily go back, cheesy old jokes and all.

Outside it's just started hammering down with thick, heavy rain, Not much wind. But given the choice, I'd still go sailing.

This then is Mrs Robinson, recorded after work on a Monday evening, before I faced the lonely commute home. Decidedly more laid back than when we play it with the band, when it then has a decidedly more "Lemonheads" drive to it.

Interestingly, I read recently that the Lemonheads (they covered this song in 1992) actually didn't like the song or Paul Simon, and never actually played it live. Reading that took them considerably down in my estimation. Not that you can believe everything you read on Wikipedia.

But what really matters is not what the Lemonheads thought of it, but that it was one of my Mum's favourite songs in the set.

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