Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Calstar: Dolphins

I've been back more than a week now, and am aware I still haven't had time to write up the last trip away on Calstar. I should, and certainly shall, if only for my own benefit.

Suffice to say for now, and in brief, that it didn't all go to plan; family circumstances curtailed the planned two weeks to one, and Nik decided she'd stay at home and redecorate a bedroom instead of sailing with us. Again, a (not reluctant) decision made because of said circumstances at the time, so it was just Dad, Calstar and I sailing.

But it was a good week. The predominant themes being (mostly) good food, (consistently) good drink, bright sun and blue sea, lots of dolphins and beating to windward; lots of beating to windward, whichever direction we wanted to sail. Probably should've started out by heading east instead of west.

But then we might've missed the dolphins.

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