Monday, 15 April 2019

Proof of life

I’m conscious I’ve been neglecting this site of late.

Had a birthday, Nik had a birthday, spent a weekend aboard Calstar with her and Dad, day-sailed out of Plymouth and back but haven’t got anywhere this year yet. It was a brilliant day's sailing though.

Been very, very busy with work. Haven’t bought any new guitars lately. This is a good thing, I'm told. Still loving my time at the piano, can't say I'm getting any better, but that doesn't matter as the piano is purely a self indulgence for me. 

Dogs are well, kids are well. Gigs are quiet this month, but go mad again at the end of the month and stay that way pretty much the rest of the year.

Been racing a friend’s Enterprise with her on the lake at Frampton, been racing my Laser too when not in the Ent. Had some brilliant wins, and some pretty humbling losses. Broke the Laser’s mast, tore the sail when it came down. Sail repaired, a friend has lent me his spare mast whilst I await delivery of the replacement. I think that’s the fourth mast I’ve been through now. Fortunately never anything taller than an Enterprise mast.

Have a first dance to learn for a wedding we have booked for the band; Four Simple Words by a singer/songwriter called Frank Turner. Never come across the guy before, but have spent all morning listening to him, and have yet to hear a song he’s written than I didn’t love. Currently playing Polaroid Picture (

Fingers crossed for the weather this coming Bank Holiday weekend; away with Dad on Calstar. Hopefully, this time we’ll actually get somewhere other than just out and back. Third time lucky perhaps. Nik’s got to work through the weekend sadly, but we have a week’s holiday booked away together at the end of the month.

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