Monday, 4 March 2019

FOSSC: the anticipation

Sunday: taken just as the (first) rains had passed, before we launched and it all turned nasty. The two Wanderers moored against the jetty were being used by the latest batch of instructors in training. They all passed, which is good news. I note one couple left their jib flogging in the wind however; personally, I'd string them up from the yardarm for that sacrilege.

Or not. We're too in need of fresh blood to instruct at the Club. And they're all good people, an asset to the Club. I'm really very pleased they've joined the crew.

By the time the second race finished on Sunday, the wind had blown up to the point that waves were breaking against and throwing spumes of spray over that jetty. It was very good fun. Though I caught a faceful of mud off the top of our mast after we recovered from our last capsize. Some of it got into my right eye, which is puffy, inflamed, running salt tears and very sore today. I look an absolute horror.

It was still very good fun. Fingers crossed the eye clears up in a couple of days. It's not my best eye, in any case.

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