Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Summer sailing reminisce

I was fiddling around on YouTube last night for various reasons and came across a video I'd posted of a trip Dad and I took from Swansea to Ilfracombe back in July. I honestly don't think I've posted it up here, but if I have previously then apologies for the duplication.

Dad's had a GoPro for quite a while now, but whilst it often comes sailing with us, he rarely uses it and when he does, he rarely does anything with the footage he captures. This was one of those happy exceptions, and afterwards I went over to his place and chopped all the footage down into the clip posted using GoPro's editing software. I like the GoPro, it's the sort of toy I'd play with for hours, but whenever I've thought of getting my own, there have always, inevitably, been higher priorities on the shopping list.

I remember it was a lovely day's sailing; a fast, lively reach through blue seas under blue skies all the way across from one side of the Bristol Channel to the other, to pick up a visitor's mooring in Ilfracombe mere minutes before the tide left us and we gently touched the keels down on the sands of the outer harbour.

It was a good summer, all things considered. Then again, the weather makes the summer and I've a fairly flexible view of what makes good weather; I can't remember when we last had a bad one. The trick to summer weather, I find, is just to go outside and let it find you.

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