Thursday, 18 February 2016

Attention seeking

I am enjoying the new phone. The camera is lovely, and the editing software has some nice new whistles and bells.

Albeit the latter is probably more a function of the latest version of Android rather than the latest version of Sony Xeperia.

Weather is rubbish. Didn't sail last weekend. Did head down to the boat but looking out of the dock mouth straight into the teeth of a very strong north easterly, the water was stacked with rank on rank of foaming waves crashing straight in at us.

Roughest I've seen it looking out from the lock, but that was as much the wind direction than anything else. Normally, with the wind in the prevailing south west, you don't see the chaos till you round the breakwater and it's too late to turn back.

Had hoped to sail to Cardiff this weekend, but the forecast has again cut up very rough. If I do get the chance to sail, it'll only be with the Enterprise on Frampton lake. If I can find crew to sail with.

Seriously thinking about trading Buffy for a single-hander. With Ben away and Hels distracted, hoping to sail at short notice generally ends in disappointment due to lack of crew.

It's not a reflection on Hels' lack of commitment but on mine. I consistently prioritise sailing Calstar over the Enterprise, only falling back to the latter when weather or tide make venturing out into the Bristol Channel foolish. So I can hardly blame Hels for not sitting around waiting for me to want to sail with her.

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