Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Freefall: posh frocks & smart togs

It's been a busy old year for the band. A good thing, I think.

Despite taking the first two weeks of this month off to play with boats, it's still been a four gig month. This coming Friday we're playing at The Pilot again, just down the road from home. I could walk there and back, except the trailer that carries the band's kit is a bit heavy to drag along without a car.

Last Saturday was a bit further afield; the annual Officers' Mess Ball for the Royal Marines Reserve in Bristol, so posh frocks and smart togs for all.

They had a guy there from Absolute Choice Photography running a novelty "photo booth" for the guests. Digital photography is brilliant stuff, how ever did we manage without it? Once the evening had worn on a little and I guess he had less of a queue for his services, he took a few snaps of the band. I quite liked a couple of them, so I hope he won't mind me sharing them here.

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