Friday, 27 January 2017

Buffy: Dusty pores

Did briefly consider sailing over to Cardiff for the weekend. But the forecast is for a F4 gusting 5, and it'd be a down and back on the Saturday only, as I need to be back at Frampton on Sunday for a first aid refresher course that I need to keep my couple of RYA instructor tickets.

Discussed it with Dad last night and agreed a 5 in the forecast isn't worth it for just a day-trip. Perhaps if we'd had the time in the weekend's diary to stay over in Cardiff, the temptation of the Italian by the marina might have persuaded us to weather it. But otherwise, no.

Any anyway, there are things to do, things to get done closer to home.

So the weekend instead will involve a lot more sanding in a cold boat-shed in Frampton. Made a start on her last night. Two showers later, a night's sleep and a change of cloths and I can still smell and feel the dust in my pores. Forgive Dad's expression in the photo above, he's just spent an hour on top of an orbital electric sander.

The centreboard case is still a worry; still very damp, and the wood is spongy. A trusted friend is hopefully coming over to the club this evening to have a look at it and advise. Dad and I were thinking we could perhaps strengthen around it somehow, perhaps by adding enlarged cheek-blocks for the centreboard pin after hardening the affected area with epoxy.

Cutting away and replacing rotted wood is beyond my ability or resource, and if we have to pay somebody to do it professionally, the boat is probably an economic write-off.

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