Wednesday, 12 October 2016

It's getting complicated

The original plan was to take Calstar up to Underfall Yard last Sunday, but that first clashed with the Enterprise Open Meeting at Frampton, and then clashed with my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary dinner, which none of the family had told me about until a couple of days before.

Obviously, the anniversary dinner won. I'm bold, but not stupid.

Regretted missing the Ent Open, but delivering Calstar was an easy fix: tides were just as good on the Saturday as they would've been on the Sunday. Unfortunately, it meant standing up the Sailing Club as Dad and I were both supposed to be instructing on an RYA Safety Boat course running that weekend. It was the reason I'd originally planned for a Sunday delivery. A quick email fixed that however; Patricia, our chief powerboat instructor, was very understanding, and assured us she had the Saturday covered.

All well and good.

Work is progressing well in Underfall Yard, so she'll be ready for us to move her back this coming weekend.

Original plan was to do it Saturday morning. An 0545 lockout meant we'd have to navigate the river in the dark, but it's well marked with navigation lights and we'd have plenty of water so that wasn't too intimidating. It would've meant going down to the boat Friday evening after work. A Friday night in Bristol city centre followed by a short passage downriver beneath Saturday morning's sunrise, seemed quite the pleasant adventure.

But it seems I'd overlooked the fact that having gotten out of week one of the Safety Boat coarse, Dad and I would definitely be needed for week two, this coming Saturday.

No problem. The tide will be an hour later on Sunday morning, better light. Unfortunate that Dad had already made arrangements with Underfall for our departure and booked the lock out of Bristol, but that can be easily fixed with a phone call. The new plan was to instruct on the lake at Frampton through Saturday, then once done head down to Portishead to abandon the car in the marina carpark and get a taxi to Underfall Yard in Bristol. Kip on the boat Saturday night, depart first thing Sunday morning for a short sunrise cruise downriver.

We've just been offered a short-notice gig Saturday night. It's hard to turn down work for the band in any circumstances, but this is a new venue that could become a regular booking through next year if it goes well. And anyway, I like new venues.

It is in Bristol, which is handy.

So the plan for this weekend is now:

  1. Assist with the instruction for the powerboat training at Frampton through Saturday daytime
  2. Dad drives down to Portishead Saturday evening, leaves the car at the marina, gets a taxi to Underfall Yard.
  3. Jamie (brother and bass play in the band) drives me and the kit down to the Bristol gig
  4. Play the gig Saturday night
  5. Jamie takes the kit home (this is a complication - I normally transport the band's trailer myself)
  6. I find my way across Bristol by whatever means from wherever the venue is to Underfall Yard to join Dad on the boat
  7. Depart Bristol for a dawn lockout first thing Sunday morning and deliver boat to Portishead

That can work, I think.

Figured it was worth writing down here so I'd have notes to refer to if I got stuck with regards to when I was supposed to be where doing what at any point!

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