Thursday, 8 September 2016


The forecast for the weekend so far.

I've noticed the forecasts have been terribly changeable right up to the last minute over the last month or so.

If it holds as promised however, looks like a trip to Penarth for the weekend. As long as the horrid stuff blows through Friday night, it'll be a hard beat into (and, funnily enough, in) a westerly to get to Cardiff on Saturday afternoon, and a potentially energetic run back, possibly under headsail alone, to get back home to Portishead on Sunday.

The tide is very "neap" so wind over tide shouldn't be too brutal for Saturday's trip down with the ebb.

It seems we didn't put him off with the slightly bumpy ride over to Ilfracombe a few weeks ago; when I asked him last night if he wanted to come, my youngest lad Sam laconically replied "Ooooh-kay?"

At this rate the boy will be able to legitimately add "Sailing" as a hobby to his CV.

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