Thursday, 11 August 2016

Things that go bump in the night

The buoy was without doubt convenient. Drawing into Tenby in the dusk of the last hour before dark, it meant that I didn't have to stress over the anchor in unfamiliar waters.

The problem is that with the incoming tide set against the gentle off-shore breeze, Calstar spent the early part of the evening g bumping up against the not insubstantial buoy.

It was like sitting inside a drum.

I tried shortening the mooring line, all but lifting the buoy out of the water, but that didn't work. I tried lengthening the line, but that just moved the thumping along the hull.

In the end, I daisy-chained a string of fenders end to end and threaded them around the bow.

Not a pretty necklace, it has to be said, but it worked.

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